Our mission is to educate and train students to excel in music and develop their skills to the fullest potential. We offer quality training that is based on international curriculum while also developing methods that are best suited to our contexts. MAK is an institution for all music lovers who have a desire to pursue music professionally or as a hobby.

News & Events

NDPP 9th Kohima Town A/C hosts thanksgiving service

Music Academy, Kohima presents special song during thanksgiving service cum picnic of NDPP 9th Kohima Town A/C on March 10 ...

Kohima College celebrates 51st annual parting social

Kohima College, Kohima (KCK) celebrated its 51st annual parting social on March 7 outside the college courtyard with the principal, ...

Drumming with a Groove

Alan Connon, a professional drummer from Ireland conducted a two-day Drums Clinic and private sessions with drummers at Kohima on ...

Brillante! —The Nagaland Piano Festival

Nagaland Piano Teachers’ Association formed The magnificent Brillante! —The Nagaland Piano Festival held at RCEMPA, Jotsoma with the heart to ...

Kekhrie Ringa cover version of ‘Angel’ now in YouTube

Singer Kekhrie Ringa has recently released the cover version of ‘Angel’ by Sarah Mclachlan with Go Live Production. A first ...

Outline of Courses

Learn the language of music

Rudiments of Music

This course is specifically designed to give students a working knowledge of the fundamentals of Music Theory by covering the basic concepts of notation, rhythm, tonality and harmony with an emphasis on an in-depth understanding of intervals, triads, major and minor scales, meters, etc.

Ensemble Lab/Recitals

This course is designed to provide an environment for group learning as students apply musicianship and performance techniques learned in ensembles/ recitals. Through a series of musical and genre-related topics, students can learn the techniques required to effectively rehearse a band and perform in a live setting.

Ensemble Workshops

These workshops give students a working knowledge of the fundamentals of Music Theory by covering the basic concepts of notation, rhythm, tonality and harmony with an emphasis on an in-depth understanding of intervals, triads, major and minor scales, meters, etc.

Perform Live

Learn through ensemble or recitals, a special programme for students to develop and improve their musical performance.

Experience an exciting preview of live at MAK! An opportunity for interaction and also get an idea about the programs we offer and meet with the faculty. Come join the fun.

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  • Sometimes you just have to throw away your load and just MAKE MUSIC.

  • We are certainly Over the Rainbow over the all girls UNSUNG edition. 
Come support our beautiful guitar  instructor Nekshinaro Imchen @nekshimchen and our young student Singer,  the brave Lanliya @_lanliya.
  • Our Director, Khyochano TCK @k.h.y.o___k with the new Advisor for Music Task Force @thejameru

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  • Learning music is tough work...you have to have the stamina and the grit to carry you through if you want to shine. •
What are the  Q U A L I T I E S  that you think have carried you to where you are today ? •
• share here please -
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# determination
Introducing MAK’s musicians for World Music Day 2019! 😍😍😍 @vikegideon 
#wmdnagaland ❤️
If you’ve seen them perform anywhere, you just know they’re gonna deliver again! 
These are highly talented, skilled and dynamic musicians who are best at what they do, and we are proud to to call them our own! 💯
21st June. RCEMPA!
Come and be a part and witness these talents and great many others too!!! 😍
  • 🎶 World Music Day!!! •
Wooooo Hoooooooooo!!!!
@imagi.nation__ presents, Music Task Force’s First Official WMD event! ❤️
Some of the biggest names in the State’s Music Industry will be sharing their experiences and knowledge in their area of expertise;
Alongside them is the best possible lineup of local artists to perform for you guys! 🔥
• 21st June • Save the Date •
• Come and simply enjoy the gift of Music in its many forms! 💯
#wmdnagaland 🎶
*you can also bless a future musician by donating some of your old music related items at the venue*
  • "Dance enables you to find yourself and lose yourself at the same time." Dancers  Afang and Mharoni from @petros_dance_studio  performing with  singers/students Meguo,  Lanliya and Zuthungo at Rhapsody on Wings.

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  • Our new chill spot💕💕! Join us for ☕️ and laughter. •
• @m.kire_  design 
MAK has such corners positioned in different corners around its premises. These spots happen to hear many stories and the birth of 
countless creatives. •
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  • The Artist in Residence program @musicacademykohima  is a fresh and distinguished feature in the state’s music education scene. 
Purpose: to invite artists, academicians, curators, and creative professionals to provide a time of interaction & transfer of knowledge through reflection, research, presentation and/or production (performance etc). •
We are honored to present to youour Artist in Residence who performed alongside MAK at #rhapsodyonwings concert 2019:::• •
Mhaseve K Tetseo aka MKT :: Pro Session Guitarist, Composer, multi Instrumentalist, Producer, Recording Mix Engineer :: is one of Nagaland's most versatile, technically sound and respected Guitarist. His ability to understand and perform any genre of music ( Acoustic Folk, Rock, Soul, Jazz, POP, Experimental, Electronica etc ) with style makes his skill set an enviable one. 
MKT  has worked with numerous bands (nationally /internationally) to mention a few - Nekhil Mawkm Revival Band/ Cuenca Cuentos/ Red/ APBF band/Joshua &the note Ninjas/ Purple Fusion/ Gear Man Dudes/ Ronnie/ Mozzey/ Rattle n Hum etc. 
He is the brother, Music Producer & the Guitarist for the internationally acclaimed and award winning folk group the Tetseo Sisters TS @tetseosisters 
MKT’s accomplishments and awards continue to impress. 
//rollingstoneindia.com › tag › mha...Web resultsMhaseve Tetseo Archives - My Site - Rolling Stone India

But what is most endearing about this artist is that as much as he is a professional on the job, he is also unassuming, humble, kind, generous with his time and great with kids & all technicalities. 
MAK is excited and truly blessed !•
PCs- @zevi_keditsu @one.headlight 
#musicacademykohima #artistinresidenceprogram #nagalandmusicians
  • ||No More Nights|Bozio Neinu  sang his soul out beautifully and continues to touch and impress his listeners. He is an uprising vocalist who has also started writing his own music. Closely attached to MAK as an alumnus and associate, he topped the Rockschool exams in Eastern India (grade 5 2018). We wish him the Stars ⭐️ , the moon and the earth as well. •
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Providing quality training, equipping talented individuals and supporting the next generation of musicians for the market and the church.